Teacher Testimonials

Springhill Primary School’s P7 teacher Mark Gaston taught Lesson 1: Our Solar System, in his class in October 2020, and followed up with a live video Q&A session with Prof Smartt.

Mark Gaston’s Feedback:

“This was a really fun lesson that the pupils very much enjoyed. The material aligns with the Key Stage 2 curriculum and the topic of 'Our place in the universe' , which is very helpful. The materials are nicely presented and it was easy to deliver, the pupils enjoyed the quiz, the planet naming worksheet and mnemonic activity. The kids were excited at the prospect of a video call with Prof Smartt and they came up with dozens of questions. They were delighted with the call and being able to ask questions directly with a working scientist. This went really well and there were genuinely ‘jaw drop’ moments for the pupils at the answers to their questions. I was genuinely surprised at the imaginative questions they came up with and they really enjoyed the interaction.  We would be very happy to get involved in any further plans for more material of this type.”


Prof Smartt said “The questions were fantastic, the kids had clearly thought about the solar system and our place in the Universe. Springhill is a school in one of most economically deprived areas of Northern Ireland and I’m really delighted to provide the children with an opportunity to learn some science in  fun way and ask questions. I was impressed with the level of questioning and thought.”